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For the best legal assistance in Palos Heights, IL, trust me, Robert Kezelis, Attorney At Law, I will work hard to ensure the best possible outcome for you. I truly believe that justice is the most important aspect of any case and this is something I will always fight for.

Being a member of several law associations gives me the benefit of tapping into many legal resources. These resources give my clients the advantage of extended legal representation. So contact my law office for a free consultation on your personal injury or family law disputes.
Robert Kezelis — Attorney At Law in Palos Heights, IL
I concentrate on personal injury and family disputes. I have over 20 years of trial experience in the Palos Heights, IL area. I work aggressively to ensure that my clients receive their fair share in personal injury cases, as well as in conflict resolution cases.
I have also published a book, entitled The Divorce Source For Men: An Easy to Use Guide For Those guys Who Might Need a Divorce. Most books about divorce are geared towards women, this one looks at the other side of things.

If you have a current legal issue or wish to know what options you have regarding an ongoing case, please contact me at 708-371-2587. I look forward to helping resolve all of your legal issues.